Born in Los Angeles, Danny grew up in a dual cultural environment between the United States and Turkey. He graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Therapy. Since graduating from Berklee in 2008, he has been living in Istanbul, working with child growth and development, psychiatric health, and trauma rehabilitation for refugees. He has facilitated workshops across Turkey at various universities, symposiums and festivals, and is a internationally published co-author. Danny is one of the pioneers of Music Therapy in Turkey, and is well-known for his work across Istanbul and other cities.

In his clinical work, Danny uses his extensive musical knowledge across a wide range of instruments, including the guitar, percussion, piano, drums, harmonica, vocals, ney, saz and oud. He is fascinated by the effects of music on human behavior, and aims to build positive relationships through musical interactions. He is inspired by those he works with, as he sees again each day the powerful impacts music can have.

Out of all the different activities and techniques Danny employs during his sessions, he is fondest of songwriting with participants. He has written literally hundreds of songs with clients both young and old, addressing myriad topics relating to the human experience. Some songs are happy, some are sad, but no matter their emotional impact, the process of building a song together with a group is one of the most wholesome experiences that one can have. In a world seemingly much divided, we find out that we are not really all that different.